Preservers of Life was founded by

Kasey Pacheco BSN,RN

Who after serving the community for over 15 years in the healthcare field, realized that much of the care that was provided in the clinical setting, was managing diseases, many of which are preventable.

The Nursing process cares for the patient, not just their disease! Holism in Nursing addresses all the things that affect the Health and Overall quality of Life.

Our approach is proactive and preventative.

Our aim is to empower the hard-working members of our community to maintain and sustain healthy life-style habits and actions.

We create a healing atmosphere one with nature and a loving presence within our Highlands County Community.

"Community nurses are a guarantee of direct increase of the individual and community well-being: directly, through education designed to help maintain health, as well as providing the necessary care for reestablishing it; indirectly by promoting respect towards human dignity."

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