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Fall Happenings in Highlands County


For local Resources be sure to visit Find Help.ORG

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Looking for Low Cost Options for Well-Being Check out Cosmetology Clinic and Dental Clinic at SFSC

SFSC student run clinics

Young Adults Healthy in Highlands

Move Beyond Seminar November

Seniors Healthy in Highlands

Senior Resource Guide for Retirement

Are you a Senior interested in knowing more about housing, medicare, transportation and meals.......?

Please see our partner website

Retire Guide Online Senior Resource List

Visitors to Highlands County- Holistic Day Trips

Coming Soon!

Small Business Help and Financial Education

Are you new to Business Ownership, can really benefit from having a Mentor but unable to afford one???

You must check out Score Mentorship

Score Mentor Finder

Do you prefer an onsite in person Consultant for your small business?

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South Florida State Campus -Small Business Administration Partnership