What is a Holistic Nurse?

Nursing as a profession has its roots in taking care of the Whole person. Over the years our current healthcare system focuses more on managing the symptoms of disease which has created a model of care that restricts time and resources for exploration and care for the whole person. A nurse who is Holistic aims to not just care for your disease but explores all parts of life that contributes to the body being out of alignment either in Mind, Body or Spirit. At Preservers of Life we have been Certified by the American Holistic Nurses Association proving that we have the necessary experience to ensure our practice is Safe and we practice within our scope of nursing licensure. Interested in learning more?

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Holistic Health discussion of how it is all connected.

How can one Nurse Serve an entire Community?

In the past Parish Nursing was a position funded by the Local churches to host seminars and lunch and learn sessions. They were all about community and at the request of a friend or church member they would visit the sick in their homes. They had great relationships and solid network with government, providers, social workers and business owners. That allowed them to be on the pulse as far as knowing what was truly needed in the community from a very neutral perspective. Unlike Corporations and big business the community nurse sole focus was the health of the community, a healthy community affected everyone and most of all her fellow nurses serving at the hospitals, nursing home and care centers. The nurse would be a resource to them and they to her. With the pace of life increasing and the decrease of church attendance, community nursing is needed now more than ever. Unlike back in the older days we have modern technologies such as Social Media and Apps that allows one nurse to serve an entire community. The greatest tools though is to really care and being alert and aware. Nurses for many years have been the most trusted profession, to pair our heart with our keen assessment skills, a community nurse will soon be the most valuable and indispensable role for every community.

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Benefits of Community Nursing

What should I know before I start a Holistic Journey?

Our population is becoming increasingly aware that advances in medicine and technology is not producing a healthier society. Our modern lifestyle allows access to advance treatment but the outcome of this is a drawer full of pills and a life that lacks health and vibrance for truly living. The disgust with the current sick-care model can easily influence the consumer to become desperate for real and sustainable solutions. As a Holistic nurse I am open and welcome opportunities to learn about the vast array of solutions out there, yet to be explored. However in my practice and patient education sessions I realize that there is a danger lurking in the alternative space. A danger of quick fix, miracle products that aren't remotely truthful. Some providers turn their noses up at native, foreign or indigenous healing modalities that may seem far fetched.

In my perspective it is not so much what the modality is, my concern is geared toward the thought process of the patient, or the lack of it. Instead of making myself an opposing force my job is to support my client in the best way possible.

A client that is quick to try a far fetched and high stakes therapy may have underlying fear even terror about not just the disease but all that the disease may imply for their lives. Instead of attacking the modality, my approach is to open the lines of communication and explore the deeper emotions and circumstances. After listening carefully to the clients point of view, excitement and attachment to a particular therapy, it would provide the information so I know how best to support and empower them so they can make safe and informative well thought out decisions.

Before you start on a holistic wellness journey I often recommend :

To get clarity your their intention.

A holistic journey is a path of healing not the destination of a cure or alternative medication to maintain current lifestyle. If you are simply looking for a more pleasant experience with a medical provider, we can support you explore language, prepare well and understand the healthcare system and lingo so that you can have the most prepared and productive medical visit. If you announce that you are prepared to shift your mindset, habits, and lifestyle to align with nature and optimize external and internal conditions so the body can heal itself, we then support you by introducing you to the tools and techniques for your holistic healing journey.

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Helpful Tips to have a great medical visit!

Why do I have to pay out of pocket for this valuable service, when I already pay Insurance ?

Unfortunately many alternative and Holistic therapy sessions are not covered by insurance carriers. Some practitioners may be able to bill insurance but choose not to because they realize that the guidelines set out to treat patients should be influenced by their professional assessment and judgement of what is needed and not by arbitrary boxes or list of what carriers are willing to pay for.

They refuse to compromise on the quality and deviate from the standard of care to receive financial reimbursement. They prefer to collaborate and negotiate with clients who are willing to make an investment in their health and well-being by using a payment plan as a self-pay visit.

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Nurse Practitioner explains limitations of accepting Insurance