We engage in active Collaboration with various leaders and organizations to promote and upgrade Brand Presence.

We stimulate and support the mission and vision of organizations by strategic collaborations.

Charities can collaborate for assistance with Technology, Marketing and Social Media presence and visibility within the community.

Community Support

In the community where I grew up, there was a saying 

"Prevention is better than Cure"...

Preservers of Life is dedicated to educating Communities on how to integrate holistic health and wellness practices into daily living to prevent diseases as a community!

We offer, 30-60 minute, Onsite or Virtual Education sessions that are  a great benefit to HOA, LIHTC housing and Assisted Living communities.

Burnout Prevention

Balancing health and wellness can be overwhelming at times, but we are here to help!

We have a Youtube Channel called The Spark is Love where we discuss practical ways and tips to be an empowered Health consumer and care for your body mind and soul in a Holistic manner.