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Nurse Navigator and Advocate

End of Life Support

Nursing Neighbor Visits

Emotional Release {Guided Self Care for Caregivers}

Nurse Navigator and Patient Advocate

Do you need help finding a provider that aligns with your personal values on health?

Do you need an advocate who understands the healthcare system and can accompany you to a very important medical visit?

How do you integrate your Naturopathic and Standard medical care to be safe and effective?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, we can definitely be of service to you.


We provide support services and navigation to caregivers during the final hours. This is a proactive service that guides and facilitates end of life wishes and expectations long before it is needed or necessary.

This service ensures the last moments with your loved ones can be spent saying what needs to be said and most important being there for your loved one. It is easy to take these moments for granted and show up at the final moments unsure of what to say or what to do for your loved one. This creates feelings and thoughts of insufficiency and inadequacy.

Our team is here to help you plan and prepare for those tender moments. Whether you have been hands on caring for your loved one or you live miles away using our service will coach you so you can be there for the moments you can't replace.

Nursing Neighbor Visits

This service is a one-time visit best suited for family members and friends who are concerned about an independent elderly member of our local Highlands community.

Processes such as Dementia and Alzheimer's disease can create an uncomfortable environment where you are not sure when to step in to provide care. These conversations can be either, premature causing offense or, too late causing unsafe environments, injury, even harm.

Preservers of Life team sends in a Nurse in a very casual and friendly way into the home of your loved one. Our nurse discreetly performs a nursing assessment and environmental evaluation to ensure safety for your loved ones. We would lovingly make recommendations by means of a Nursing Care Plan and facilitate further discussion and implementation of the nursing care plan. We work closely with community resources to ensure your loved one has all the support needed to remain at home as long as possible. This is a private service and we do not provide on-going home care services. If further medical services are needed we would make referrals and recommendations per family preference.

Emotional Release {Guided Self Care for Caregivers}

One on one nursing visit using Holistic Nursing modalities. Plan of Care includes therapeutic listening and touch along with

aromatherapy to calm and soothe the nervous system, guided meditation, powerful positive affirmations and/or prayer.

This is perfect for caregivers to give themselves time and emotional recharge to refuel and proactively reset to meet the demands of care giving.

We use our nursing expertise to give clinical suggestions/recommendations and create a nursing care plan for the caregiver to prevent caregiver burnout and caregiver role strain.

This session is well designed for main or full-time caregivers, it makes a perfect gift for friends and long-distance family members to offer mental and emotional support.

This can also be used proactively as preparation for surgical procedure or preventatively as part of the process of coping with grief, pandemic fatigue and overwhelm.