Small Business Health Solutions

This Holistic Nursing Service conducts a Nursing Care Plan for Small Business owners.

Our intention is to help burnt out Professionals explore Holistic tools and techniques so they can live an anxiety free whole healthy lifestyle

We work with employers to create a personalized and local wellness benefit.

As a Community Nursing Organization we bring awareness to local and practical support for the team.

"Our Goal is to provide motivation, accountability, education and connection for preventative health care. "

C.O.W.S Program

C.O.W.S - Community Occupational Wellness Support is our unique approach to stop and reverse burnout.

The goal of this 6 week program is to reduce Burn-out among Caregivers.

Nurses, Physicians, NP, PA, Social Workers, Mental Health Practitioners who are prepared to heal will learn how to turn on the Parasympathetic Nervous System through Holistic tools and techniques. Our goal is to have healed, healthy and whole essential workforce caring for our community.

The leading cause of "dis-ease" in our modern society is Stress.

The best investment and most valuable return on investment that can be made is to become a healthy, well-nourished individual.

We help companies strategize ways to support and retain employees in a healthy working environment and atmosphere.

We teach strategies such as mindfulness, breathing exercises, aromatherapy, music/sound healing therapy, emotional detox, food therapy and how to develop a preventative care plan to create new habits and formulate lifestyle changes.

We are uniquely positioned as healthcare advocates to support you through traditional, alternative and integrative care.

We also review with you current insurance and health benefit plans and ensure you are getting the best deal for you and your team. We are certified for Medical-Cost sharing or Health-share we can guide and explain this new and innovative concept.