Travel, Tours and Holistic Retreats

COVID-19 Pandemic has affected, not only physical health, but also the social, emotional and mental aspects of life. In an effort to combat the negative effects of COVID-19 on our population and local businesses, we plan to breathe life into our community by means of walking tours!!!!

The Sebring Historical Society in collaboration with Preservers of Life presents...

Downtown Sebring Walking Tours

Places of interest

Whitehouse Grocery

Ronoake Hotel

Tobin Building

Central Firehouse

We will take you on a journey through time to explore the planning, dream and vision for our Highlands County. 

We share over 100 years of Life, Love and Imagery of a town designed to heal a person in every way.

If you are new or have lived here all your life the history will touch you filling your presence with meaning and intention.

Helping Seniors plan and prepare for big medical events to have the most successful outcomes. Help reduce cost and increase satisfaction and outcome by helping with coordination and consultations.

This is perfect for locals travelling to the big cities for surgeries

Snowbirds in need of healthcare and out of Network for providers

Vacationers caught in the midst of an emergency and need assistance navigating the local medical terrain of Central Fl.

Caregivers who live out of town and would like a personal guide /consultant to assist them in care navigation.

Nature Retreats

Powerful healing retreats for grounding and reseting to wellness lifestyle

Small and Intimate circles joined with the intention to support and encourage  personal growth and development and embrace abundance!

Click here so we can plan a holistic retreat together!