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Beautiful Nature


Let's awaken to the precious gift of life and strive to protect it, cherish it, and harness its power.

With my signature 30-day holistic coaching and neurolinguistic programming, your inevitable breakthroughs will heal your anger, shame, and guilt buried deep inside your subconscious as we delve into the intricacies of your emotional well-being and the profound impact your higher purpose can have on your life.

My signature 30-day holistic coaching and neurolinguistic program empowers you with the necessary tools to discover a broader awareness of your emotions, allowing you to build resilience and leave with a greater understanding of how you and your unique strengths can make a positive impact on the world.

Instead of continuing down a path of resistance, imagine you —

Feel more fulfilled and purposeful, with a deeper understanding of your innate value and worth

​Develop greater clarity and direction in your personal and professional life, with a clearer sense of your goals and priorities

​Build a stronger sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, learning to embrace your strengths and overcome your limitations

​Enjoy improved physical and emotional well-being, with greater resilience and the ability to manage stress and anxiety more effectively

Beautiful Nature

Experience greater harmony and balance in your life, with a deeper connection to your inner self and the world around you

Learn practical strategies and techniques for achieving your goals and living a more meaningful life.

Develop a stronger sense of purpose and meaning in your life, with a greater understanding of how you can make a positive impact on the world.

Receive the support and guidance of a coach who is committed to your growth and well-being, with a personalized approach that takes into account your unique needs and circumstances.

Hi there, I’m Kasey –

Registered Nurse, Holistic Coach, Neurolinguistic Practitioner, Intuitive Reflector, Manifesting Generator, and Quantum Living Advocate

I’m dedicated to empowering you to reclaim time for yourself, embody efficiency and balance, and realign your life with your purpose.


I've observed that in our fast-paced world, we often overlook the simple yet essential aspects of life. So, when we work together, it’s always my mission to shed light on these overlooked treasures and remind us all of the beauty and significance of every moment.


Inside Your One-to-One Holistic Coaching and Emotional Release Journey

I’ve even noticed that most of my clients have tried many forms of Mind Body Soul practices but are unable to break through emotionally because their traumatic past is deep within the subconscious and may even lie in their genes from past generations.

My powerful coaching program gives you the skills and tools to reprogram your subconscious mind with the effect of changing deeply ingrained behaviors and removing limiting thought patterns.


  • In-depth energetics scan

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy (TLT) intervention

  • Daily one-to-one calls for the duration of your 30-day program

  • A workbook for your emotional regulation journey

  • Affirmations and manifestations

  • Gentle sound healing

Holistic Coaching & NLP might be right for you if, you're —

  • Seeking a more holistic approach to self-improvement that takes into account your mind, body, and spirit

  • Burnt out, overwhelmed, and having difficulty letting go of things that no longer serve you

  • Having difficulty feeling safe and secure

  • Feeling disconnected from nature and higher intelligence

  • Having difficulty balancing feminine energy and removing negative energy from your environment

  • Feeling unworthy, not enough, and undeserving of all your success

  • Ready to invest in yourself and prioritize your personal growth and well-being

  • Interested in exploring your purpose and discovering how to live a more meaningful life

  • Having difficulty receiving the energies of light and love

  • Looking to make positive changes in your life but aren't sure where to start

  • Feeling stuck or unfulfilled in your personal or professional life

  • Open to exploring new ways of thinking and being that can help you achieve greater success and fulfillment

  • Interested in spiritual practices that can help you connect with your inner voice

  • Ready to take action and make positive changes in your life with the support and guidance of a caring and experienced holistic coach


Imagine letting go, filling up, and feeling whole again.

I know it might sound a little too good to be true. But get this — I’ve seen incredible transformation in myself and my clients by healing the subconscious mind with holistic coaching and neurolinguistic programming. And it really is possible for you, too.

“Kasey's comprehensive understanding of holistic nursing practices is evident in her daily interactions with patients and colleagues alike.

Her ability to integrate conventional medical approaches with holistic principles has consistently yielded positive outcomes for those under her care. Whether she is administering treatment, providing emotional support, or advocating for patient needs, Kasey consistently demonstrates a deep commitment to holistic healing and wellness.

In addition to her clinical skills, Kasey possesses remarkable interpersonal abilities that enable her to establish genuine connections with her patients. She approaches each individual with empathy, respect, and cultural sensitivity, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. Her patients often commend her for her attentiveness, patience, and willingness to listen, which underscores her effectiveness as a healthcare provider.”


Ask me about my Premier Service called Legasee

Legasee marries holistic healing with my Premium Video Services to bring healing to families, give them the Gift of a Legacy Video, and pass a special message through time to future generations.

Who is Legasee for?

  • Anyone diagnosed with Terminal Illness

  • Anyone who has set up a Financial Trust and would like to pair financial inheritance with the important learnings and mindset to preserve for future generations

  • Anyone going through the dying process and would love to bring healing and resolution to years of misalignment to family or friends or even aid pets with the grieving process

  • Anyone who would like to pass and propel important learning to a few generations beyond their lifetime

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